Energy-resolved CT imaging with a photon-counting silicon-strip detector Single-shot dual-energy subtraction mammography with electronic spectrum 


Dual use of routine Dual Energy CT Scan; finding high risk osteoporosis patients. Registration number: RÖ-283991. FORTSÄTTNINGSANSÖKAN om enbart 

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• Kalkylator. • deCT Dual energy CT – dubbel energi datortomografi (deCT). Två energier eller multi – krävs dock. Om det ej är praktiskt genomförbart kan datortomografi med dubbelenergiteknik (dual energy CT, deCT) eller ultraljudsundersökning vara diagnostiska  av V Sigurdardottir · 2020 — New imaging technologies (ultrasound, dual-energy CT) can be helpful when aspiration is not available and when the diagnosis is unclear.

Overall, it seems that dual-energy scans can be completed with doses similar or slightly higher than traditional, single-energy CT. Spectral CT. An even newer technology just becoming available is so-called spectral CT, which relies on a totally different mechanism to differentiate materials by x-ray energy absorption.

Lindgren. O, Seifert.

Dual energy ct

This page briefly reviews x-ray attenuation in CT and beam hardening effects, followed by in-depth coverage of the principle of dual-energy CT, including 

Dual energy CT offers the potential to analyze material composition through image acquisition at two different energy levels. In contrast to traditional single source multi-slice CT (Fig 1), a Dual Source CT (DSCT) is equipped with two data measurement systems, each consisting of one X-ray tube and one corresponding detector array oriented in the gantry with an angular offset of 90 degrees (Fig. 2). A dual energy CT scanner is fairly new technology that uses both the normal X-ray and also a second less powerful X-ray to make the images.

Dual energy ct

•This technology utilizes photon spectra generated by two different tube voltages to identify and distinguish different materials in the body such as Dual Energy CT: Basic Principles (1.1) Here μ is the linear attenuation coefficient of the x-rays at point ( x , y , z ), L is the thickness of the tissue crossed by the x-ray beam, and s is the coordinate along the path of the x-ray beam. With the new version of the Somatom Definition Edge, Siemens Healthcare has created the basis for establishing the dual energy procedure in clinical routine. The innovative X-ray tube concept in the new CT scanner, enables simultaneous imaging at two different energy levels for the first time in single source computed tomography., With the new version of the Somatom Definition Edge, Siemens Dual-energy CT provides information about how substances behave at different energies, the ability to generate virtual unenhanced datasets, and improved detection of iodine-containing substances on low-energy images.
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Dual energy ct

It’s always ready for the right patient at the right time, right when you need it. Dual Source Dual Energy CT imaging without any compromises. Data 7 shows that ~74% of all acquisitions are greater than 16cm in length. Particularly in trauma cases, you may not know the full extent of injuries before CT acquisition thus making it necessary to examine larger extents of the body. The dual energy imaging with facilitated bone and plaque removal significantly improves diagnostic confidence of CT angiographic imaging of the entire vascular territory.

The dual energy imaging with facilitated bone and plaque removal significantly improves diagnostic confidence of CT angiographic imaging of the entire vascular territory. This technique is particularly helpful in patients with advanced atherosclerosis, when conventional CT angiograms are difficult to interpret. Dual-energy computed tomography (DECT) is an emerging imaging technique that combines information collected with various x-ray energy fields.
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The concept of dual-energy computed tomography (DECT) is almost as old as the CT technology itself; DECT initially required substantially higher radiation doses 

Subsequent investigations led to the development of a commercial CT system with dual energy capabilities [2-4]. Due to limitations in CT technology at that time, dual energy CT was abandoned, returning in 2006 with the introduction of a scanner geometry known as dual-source CT. Dual-energy CT raw data were iteratively reconstructed using sinogram affirmed iterative reconstruction (SAFIRE, Siemens Healthcare). Radiation dose parameters: dose-length product, 1307 mGy × cm 2020-03-11 · Single-source dual-energy spectral multidetector CT of pancreatic adenocarcinoma: optimization of energy level viewing significantly increases lesion contrast. Clin Radiol. 2013 ;68(2): 148 – 154 . Dual-Energy CT-Approaches Energy X-s Energy X-rays Energy X-s Siemens Dual-Source GE Fast Switching (Gemstone) Philips Dual-Layer.

The potential of dual-energy computed tomography for quantitative decomposition of soft tissues to water, protein and lipid in brachytherapy.

Treatment guidelines for RA,1 including ‘Treat-to-Target’ strategies,2 stress the importance of abrogation of inflammation. MRI clearly demonstrates bone marrow oedema lesions (BMEL) as a sign of inflammation.3 Dual-energy CT (DECT) scanners could provide a new approach to visualise BME.4–7 We investigated if DECT CT imaging. New Approaches for Dual Energy CT Using Dual Source CT Systems Dual source CT is a CT system where two x-ray sources and two data acquisition systems are mounted on the same x-ray gantry, positioned orthogonally to one another on the gantry.4-6 A commercial dual source CT system was introduced in 2006 (SOMATOM Definition, Dual-energy CT is a novel, rapidly emerging imaging technique which offers important new functional and specific information. In this book, physicists and specialists from different CT manufacturers provide an insight into the technological basis of, and the different approaches to, dual-energy CT. Renowned medical scientists in the field explain the pathophysiological and molecular background Rapid kVp switching dual-energy CT in the assessment of urolithiasis in patients with large body habitus: preliminary observations on image quality and stone characterization. Kordbacheh H, Baliyan V, Singh P, Eisner BH, Sahani DV, Kambadakone AR. Abdom Radiol (NY), (3):1019-1026 2019 MED: 30415309 Kurzfassung: Mit der Einführung der Dual-Energy CT (DECT) eröffnete sich ein weites Spektrum an neuen diagnostischen Möglichkeiten. Die DECT beruht auf der simultanen Darstellung der untersuchten Körperregion mit unterschiedlicher Röhrenspannung. 19 May 2017 In this method, dual-energy CT data with spiral or sequential scanning are acquired simply twice sequentially with two different tube voltages,  12.

Köp Dual Energy CT in Clinical Practice av Thorsten Johnson, Christian Fink, Stefan O Schoenberg,  Uppsatser om DUAL-ENERGY CT. Sök bland över 30000 uppsatser från svenska högskolor och universitet på - startsida för uppsatser, stipendier  A dual source CT (DSCT) scanner provides temporal resolution equivalent to a to go beyond conventional CT imaging by obtaining dual energy information if  Dubbel-energi-DT, Dual-energy CT, DECT Nils Dahlström Univ.lektor med. radiologi (IMH), CMIV, Linköpings Universitet Röntgenkliniken US DECT 2 1 DECT  Dual-energy CT is a novel, rapidly emerging imaging technique which offers important new functional and specific information. In this book, physicists and  Avhandlingar om DUAL-ENERGY COMPUTED TOMOGRAPHY. Sök bland 100089 avhandlingar från svenska högskolor och universitet på Dual-Energy CT eller datortomografi vid fastställande av gikt.